So...You may may have gathered that I love painting...and I paint...a lot. But I do also love being creative in general. So when I am not in my studio, or while I am waiting for layers to dry on my canvases,  and there is only a certain amount on paintings I can work on at one time, I will be finding other ways of being creative. My partner and I also have set up Urbanopulance, and have made concrete lampshades and tiles. As we both love creating a bespoke and unique home which is industrial but with colour, texture and a bohemian vibe contrasting the industrial elements, we were lucky enough to be asked to exhibit what we made for ourselves to share with others. You can see some of the work here or follow us on instagram. Recently, this has taken a bit of a backseat as we overhaul our home.
 I am also a keen photographer and have had my photography exhibited and included in journals. Then there is pouring over a good book, walking and yoga everyday to feed my inspiration and bend my back the other way after painting on the floor...Ouch!
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